FREE Cooling Vent Covers

FREE Cooling Vent Covers! Say goodbye to winter heat loss and hello to a more energy-efficient home. Our easy-to-install, reusable covers are designed to block heat loss from your evaporative cooling vents, ensuring a cozy and cost-effective winter season.

FREE Cooling Vent Covers

FREE under the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program

Are you looking to reduce heat loss from your evaporative cooling vents during winter? Look no further than Generation Green Energy’s FREE Cooling Vent Covers. In this guide, we’ll explore their innovative and cost-efficient solution, enhancing your home’s energy efficiency.

Additionally, these transparent covers create an airtight seal, keeping warm air in and cold drafts out. We’ll walk you through the simple installation process, ensuring maximum benefits without extra costs.

Moreover, discover the many benefits of FREE Cooling Vent Covers, adaptable to various vent sizes and reusable year after year. Say goodbye to unnecessary heat loss through your evaporative cooling vents and make your home warmer and more energy-efficient.

FREE Cooling Vent Covers

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Residential Households

For residents of Victoria, there’s good news. If you’re keen on sealing gaps around household windows, doors, chimneys, and vents, there’s an eligibility to participate in this initiative.

Are you a tenant? If you’re residing in a private rental property, the program ensures that you aren’t left out. You’re eligible to receive a discount on one in-home display. However, it’s important to note that it’s always best for landlords and tenants to collaborate when considering upgrades in a rented space. Lastly, under the Victorian Energy Upgrade program (VEU), these benefits are brought closer to households, ensuring that energy efficiency becomes a norm rather than an exception.

FREE Cooling Vent Covers

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