Solar Rebates Victoria

Solar Rebates Victoria reaching $1,400 for solar panels, along with the opportunity for an interest-free loan, are accessible for homes that are either already built or still under construction in Victoria, under the Solar Victoria Program.

Solar Rebates Victoria

The Solar Homes Program in Victoria offers a fantastic opportunity for residents to embrace renewable energy. Up to $1,400 in rebates are available for the installation of solar panel (PV) systems on existing homes, homes under construction, and rental properties. Remarkably, even if you have availed of a rebate before and have since moved, you are still eligible to apply.

In addition to this, eligible Victorians can apply for an interest-free loan that matches their rebate to further offset installation costs. Conveniently, this loan can be repaid over four years or settled earlier, providing financial flexibility.

Solar panel (PV) rebate
Solar Rebates Victoria

Moreover, the Solar for Rentals program extends similar benefits to rental providers. Specifically, it offers up to $1,400 in rebates for solar panel installations, effectively cutting upfront costs and enhancing property value.

Notably, eligible rental providers can also avail themselves of an interest-free $1,400 loan to reduce initial costs even further.


Simultaneously, the Solar for Business Program is assisting businesses in reducing energy expenses by promoting the use of renewable energy. By subsidizing the installation of certified small-scale solar PV systems with up to 30kW inverters, it helps lower energy bills significantly.

For more information on managing your business’s energy consumption and costs, click here.

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Victorian householders may qualify for a solar panel rebate if they:

  • own an existing or under-construction property where the system will be installed,
  • have a combined household taxable income under $210,000,
  • own a property valued under $3 million,
  • haven’t received a solar panel rebate for that address under the Solar Homes Program, and
  • haven’t installed a solar panel system in the last ten years.


Entities, including charities and non-profits, can access Solar for Business rebates if they:

  • own a business with at least one but less than 50 full-time equivalent employees,
  • operate from non-residential, individually metered premises,
  • haven’t received a Solar for Business rebate before,
  • choose a Solar Victoria approved retailer, and
  • install a system with up to 30kW inverter capacity from the approved product list.

Ready to elevate your energy efficiency? Renewable Energy Upgrades is here to help. Get in touch with us for your eligibility.

Ready to elevate your energy efficiency? Renewable Energy Upgrades is here to help. Get in touch with us for your eligibility.