Free Shower Heads

Experience the perfect blend of style and savings with our water-efficient shower head!

Free Shower Heads Upgrades are now available for both commercial and residential spaces. Save Up to $260 per year.

victorian government shower head replacement

Free Water Efficient Shower Head Upgrade

Free Shower Heads

Secure your no-cost water-conservation tools with Renewable Energy Upgrades through the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program. We provide both wall-mounted and handheld shower options under the VEU initiative for commercial and residential spaces in Victoria. Choose Renewable Energy Upgrades for a sustainable solution!

Households and businesses in Victoria that replace their traditional shower heads with water-saving models might qualify for a price reduction. Eligible participants can:

  • Firstly, exchange their outdated shower heads for modern, water-efficient versions.
  • Furthermore, enhance water conservation within their premises.
  • As a result, cut down on water and energy expenses.
  • Additionally, minimize their ecological footprint.

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Victorian residential properties can upgrade up to three shower heads. Additionally, our installers will collect your old shower heads for recycling purposes.


While businesses (like motels) have no restrictions on the number of upgrades. Additionally, our installers will collect your old shower heads for recycling purposes.

For eligibility to upgrade to water-efficient shower heads and receive a discount, the following criteria must be met:

  • First and foremost, be a household or business located in Victoria.
  • Secondly, possess up to 2 sub-optimal shower heads with a flow rate exceeding 9 liters per minute or rated below 3 stars (in residential settings).
  • Moreover, ensure the upgrade is conducted or overseen by a certified provider.
  • In addition, install a product that meets approved standards. Additional terms might be applicable.

Each of our shower heads is pressure-tested, comes with a 3-year warranty, and is designed to lower your water bills with a flow rate of 7.5L/min, thereby conserving both water and the environment.

victorian government shower head replacement

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