Free Energy Monitor

Free Energy Monitor for Victorian Households. Easily track real-time energy, set budgets, and receive alerts, tailored for Victorian homes to promote savings and sustainability.

FREE Energy Monitor

In-Home Display Device

The FREE Energy Monitors, brought to you by Renewable Energy Upgrades, are ingeniously designed to enhance your understanding of energy consumption. Here’s a breakdown of their functionality:

Once set up, the Energy Monitor establishes a direct link with your in-home smart electricity meter. This seamless connection allows the monitor to diligently capture and record your electricity usage data in real time.

But how do you access this data? That’s where its advanced transmitting capabilities come in. The embedded sensor in the monitor reads the electricity consumption, and the accompanying transmitter swiftly sends this information to a receiver. This transmission occurs via established channels, such as Bluetooth or WiFi networks. What’s even more convenient is the flexibility in device compatibility; the receiver can be either your smartphone or your computer.

In essence, with this monitor, you’re equipped to track, analyze, and respond to your real-time energy consumption patterns, right at your fingertips.

FREE Energy Monitor

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Residential Households

All Victorians are eligible to receive a discount on the installation of one in-home display per residence.

Living in a rental property?

If you’re living in a private rental property, you are eligible to receive a discount on one in-home display. We recommend that landlords and tenants work together when doing any upgrades to a rental property.
Under the Victorian Energy Upgrade program (VEU)

FREE Energy Monitor

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